15 rules of money according to Jeff Bezos

How to manage money

10. May 2022
15 rules of money according to Jeff Bezos

15 rules of money according to Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos, one of the world's wealthiest billionaires, has outlined the finest money rules that everyone should know this year.

These rules apply to those who have money as well as those who want to make more money than they already have.

Here are the 15 rules of money according to Jeff Bezos

1.First, pay yourself.

2.Find out how to invest.

3.Don't criticize it.

4.Make strategies and set goals for every dollar.

5.You should spend less than you make.

6.Don't let money control you.

7.If you have it, don't show it off.

8.Keep your funds in order.

9.It's a game, therefore learn how to play it.

10.Always keep an emergency money on hand.

11.Make money work for you by learning how to risk and leverage it.

12.Learn how to earn money in a passive manner.

13.Use it to solve problems in the world. 

14.If you don't have cash, don't use credit.

15.It is what you keep, not what you make.


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