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Account boosting Londaa

Account boosting

How does premium account work?


Londaa is a platform where users can post items for sale. Every user on Londaa is allowed to post 15 free adverts every 30 days.


Once users reach that limit, they have the option to upgrade to a premium account, which provides additional benefits, such as more free listings and promoted items, depending on the package they choose.


Londaa offers four premium account packages:



• Bronze

• Gold

• Business


Each package offers a different number of free listings and promoted items.


1. Silver


The silver package allows users to post 100 free listings within 30 days, and 3 of these items will be promoted or premium items. 


2. Bronze


The Bronze package allows users to post 200 free listings within 30 days, with 7 of these items being promoted or premium items. 


3. Gold


The Gold package allows users to post 400 free listings within 30 days, and 15 of these items will be promoted or premium items. 


4. Business

Get a custom shop page on Londaa with a unique logo, We take care of marketing for you. With all 1000 ads promoted by running them on Google and social media campaigns on your behalf. We direct all your potential customers  to your shop page, where they can browse through your entire listings (ads) and make orders. This package is an excellent way to generate great sales.


Why premium account?


As Londaa, our top priority is to help our sellers reach their target customers, regardless of whether they use our free or paid listing services.


While free listings are great for getting started, they often do not generate faster sales, and competition can be high.


To help your business stand out and increase their chances of making a sale, this is where Londaa comes in, offering a solution through account boosting.


Any payments we receive are more than 100% used to fund the expenses of promotion of premium sellers only. 

Here are some of the top benefits of our premium account boost:


1.Professional marketing: With premium account boost, we take care of the marketing for you. We run paid advertising campaigns on social media, and Google  for your items online, reaching a broader audience and increasing the chances of selling your products faster.


2.Highlighted items: With premium account boost, your items will be highlighted to attract customers' attention. This can help increase the visibility of your products and differentiate them from your competitors.


3.Home page visibility: Your items will be featured on the home page, giving them prime placement on our platform. This can help to increase the chances of customers seeing your products and making a purchase.


4.Top search page visibility: Your items will also appear at the top of the search pages for the categories where your products belong. This can help to ensure that your products are visible to customers who are actively searching for similar items.


5.Increased seller exposure: With our premium account boost, you get 5x the number of sellers. This can help increase the exposure of your products to a wider audience, increasing your chances of making a sale.


6. Auto renenewed: You items will be Auto renenewed to the current date , to make them appear as though they have just been posted. 


if you're looking to increase your sales and generate more sale, it's worth considering Londaa's account boosting.


By boosting your account, you can save time and resources by allowing our team to handle the advertising and promotion of your products. This leaves you free to focus on other aspects of your business, while the Londaa team works to increase your sales.


What happens when my premium account expires? 


If a user's premium account on Londaa expires, their items will remain active, but any promoted items will no longer recieve promotion, and the user will be limited from posting additional items.


To continue posting new listings (adverts), user will need to renew their premium account by making a payment. Once the payment has been made, all the benefits that comes with the premium account will be reactivated, and the user can continue to enjoy the benefits of their premium account on Londaa


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